a community of hope


That's the reason why we're connecting with people everywhere—

to assemble a global community that's equipped with the heart to lend a helping hand,

and the strength to pull those suffering out of their depths.


Surigao del Norte, Philippines


With local partners and physicians,

our medical mission team took over Caraga Regional District Hospital's operating rooms.  All surgical beds were in use at all times to accommodate as many local patients as possible.


For the last 26 years, we've heard the pleas of a people in need and responded by cultivating a caring community of humanitarians, so that together, we can collaborate and continue to carry out our foundation's mission to bring HOPE to the helpless.

From doctors and nurses to donors and volunteers, individuals continue to answer the urgent call for service through our missions in the Philippines and Mexico, so that we may give the helpless the gift and the promise of HOPE.


Our team is made up of individuals who've come together to join hands to support our foundation, our missions, and above all, the people to whom we dedicate our work.


What started as one doctor's desire to help the hurting, especially those suffering not only from sickness, but the heavy costs of treating it, has grown to a community of philanthropists and volunteers who share their time and talents to serve and support the less fortunate brothers and sisters living in the poorest neighborhoods.


Over the years, many have joined in this desire to help, and thus, a once small group of individuals evolved into an organized network that has positively impacted the lives of others as greatly as it has changed theirs.


Today, a renewed passion to bring hope to these communities is stronger than ever, as more continue to join hands to help bring healing to the hurting.

Hope gives those without vision

a chance to see a brighter tomorrow.



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