our foundation is a house of hope


For over 25 years, we've responded with relief.

Our organization searches through multiple sources to find food and medicine

to bring to the underprivileged in the Philippines and Mexico.

Our organization is founded on the idea

that the support of fellow humanitarians sustain and empower community service.


That's why for more than two decades now,

we've sought like-minded individuals from various communities

who are determined to make a direct impact on the lives of the impoverished,

so that together, we can continue to work hand in hand

to better serve the poor and help them find hope again.







HOPEfor the World Foundation is an organization of individuals who have committed in caring for the frailest of their brothers and sisters whose suffering has been exasperated by the lack of assistance and the absence of help needed to crawl out of their debts and rise above the difficulties they endure every day.


Often times, the indigents of these communities come from families who suffer along when one falls ill and the high costs of hospitalization begin to mount.  They are forgotten by their own neighbors who, too, have scarce resources, while the public institutions that fail to provide a safety net for its citizens delay in developing a solution to this social, and very much financial inequality.  Moved to create an immediate impact in these communities, HOPE Found has resolved to directly address these persistent problems by heading straight to the people in need and bringing them not only the resources our foundation gathers throughout the year, namely food and medicine, along with the medical and surgical treatments our health care professionals provide, but more, the comfort in that there is always a helping hand reaching out to deliver the promise of hope.

For 26 years now, the individuals who have furthered the cause of this foundation—and along with it, that promise of hope—have been relentless in their response to the issues that plague the sick and the impoverished left to live in the poorest conditions.  Each year, we are able to assemble a team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers to send to the Philippines in a medical mission that has served various communities across the islands, reaching even into remote pockets of the country, and has since treated tens of thousands of patients whose lives were made better by the relief that was handed to them.  More, in the last decade, the foundation's growth has enabled and prepared our teams to carry out our missions in another part of the world to include the town of Tecate, Mexico in Baja California.


While the organization has evolved in many ways over two and a half decades, our mission has remained the same and the supporters who sustain this foundation continue to be steadfast in making a change in the lives of others by extending a hand that holds the encouragement of help and of hope.

In 1986, Dr. Pedro Lagrosa of Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, California was moved when he witnessed firsthand the indigence of his countrymen on a visit to his hometown in the province of Palawan.  He quickly recognized the need of the people, who were plagued not only with sickness and disease, but with crippling poverty, and just as fast, decided that he had to help somehow.  And so, he began a medical outreach in the Philippines the following year.


What he saw on his first medical mission in the rural villages of the islands in 1987 shocked him.  The poor patients who lined up for his free clinic were desperate to gain access to health care and medicine, and many of them were in dire need of surgical treatment that were quite complex for the under-trained and inexperienced local physicians and practitioners.  Those living in poverty who were already experiencing a great deal of hardships were also the ones who suffered with the strangest medical conditions, including abnormal masses and large tumors, which rural doctors were unfamiliar with and either unable or unwilling to treat.

Before the end of his outreach, which involved just a handful of nurses who volunteered to help him, Dr. Lagrosa saw the need for more doctors, and specifically, surgeons to join his humanitarian operation in the Philippines upon witnessing the slew of patients plagued with life-threatening conditions that have only worsened throughout their lifetimes spent without ever being able to see a doctor, much less afford treatment.  When he returned to California, he approached Dr. Robinson V. Baron, hoping to recruit his colleague and supplant his fledgling personal outreach with the expertise and services of a surgeon, and more importantly, pining for a friend who would join his cause to help the poor and heal the sick.


Since bringing a surgeon on board, the doors opened for Dr. Lagrosa's medical outreach, as it was able to cater to more patients and treat more complex and critical cases by the next mission the following year.


Today, physicians and volunteers from the United States are recruited every year to join fellow humanitarians in the Philippines, forming a team that's able to give out medical consultations to hundreds of families and perform both minor and major surgeries to as many as 1,000 Filipinos.

The HOPE for the World Foundation & Medical Missions Fund, comprised solely of the charitable contributions from supporters, provides everything from tools and medicine to basic treatment and complex surgical operations to the young and old alike.  Every year, the sick and diseased in the poorest pockets of the Philippines line up for days at a time for a chance to receive the coveted care of our team, while hundreds in Mexico flock to Tecate to receive medication for their families that they cannot afford.


But as the demand for more services from HOPE Foundation rises, the need for the valued support from our partners also grows.   To sustain the scope and quality of care administered by our trained medical and community outreach teams, help is needed more than ever before.

The generous giving of individuals—no matter how small or how large—goes directly to the HOPE for the World Foundation & Medical Missions Fund and covers the mounting costs of the supplies and services for the next medical mission to the Philippines and Mexico.  Without a steady stream of charitable contributions, the team's ability to bring medical aid to these rural communities is threatened, and the wellbeing of the less fortunate are jeopardize.


Today, as our foundation and our missions enter a new era, we renew our commitment to better the lives of the poor and alleviate their suffering.  To help fulfill this promise and continue our fight against hunger and sickness, we extend an invitation to those who share our in our vision, and ask supporters like you to join our cause, and to help others find hope.


help the poor + heal the sick

The power to see again begins

with a glimpse of hope.

Communities in remote places do not enjoy the same access to fully-operating hospital facilities and medical specialists as those living in developed city centers.  In the mining town of Rio Tuba, where eye complications are abundant among the young and old alike, such problems persist because the lack of available treatment  requires a patient to travel to another island.  For the poor, this is another expense they cannot afford.


This is why our resident ophthalmologist, Dr. Carbajal, continues to bring her service to the marginalized communities like Rio Tuba—not only to carry on her father's legacy in our missions, but because there is a need for relief.



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